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Let me help you up your game with a one-to-one session. I'll be able to answer your questions, share tips, and generally get you set up for success. Sessions can be as short as 1/2 hour or as long as you need. Instead of charging a fee, you can just buy me a coffee or two.

Team Trainings

I'm available to work with your entire team. I offer tech trainings on live streaming, Zoom, Google Apps, Ecamm Live, Educational Technology, collaborative applications, hardware and more. Instead of charging a fee, you can just buy me a coffee or two.

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Incredibly helpful suggestions on how to improve the quality and accessibility of my teaching online. Thank you!!



Rabbi David has spent years researching and mastering best practices for leading spiritual and meaningful experiences online. Leveraging the best production tools Rabbi David has developed a crafted ways for, even the least technologically savvy leaders, to up their game.

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Custom Graphics

I will create custom overlays and elements for your live stream, class or program. These graphics will be in .png format with transparent backgrounds so they can be used in Ecamm, VMix, OBS or any other Live Streaming software. You supply your logo, text, and branding and I'll do the rest. To see some of my graphics work, please visit my resources page and check some pre-made overlays and elements to download. Custom Graphics are available for about 10 coffees per hour. (It's thirsty work!)



Teaching online is not the same as teaching in person. It can, however, be just as powerful and engaging with the right tools and techniques. Rabbi David will help unleash your creativity and technological prowess to "WOW" your students with dynamic content and memorable learning.

Remote Video Production

Using Ecamm Live, a powerful video streaming and production platform, I can design and produce your live streaming and recorded classes, services, and events. All you and your other presenters will need is a solid internet connection, camera, and microphone. We can stream to any service including Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet or anywhere else. Remote video production is available for about 20 coffees per hour (it's stressful work and I need my caffeine).

You can check out some of my video production work here.


Meetings in the digital space don't have to be boring. Make your meetings meaningful and memorable by focusing on collaboration and participation. Rabbi David can introduce you to new tools to increase your productivity and turn those tedious "bored" meetings into engaging "board" meetings.

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Quote Mark

I was one of the people in your Zoom training class at the Broward Jewish Federation and I really appreciated your taking the time to do this class with us. I learned a lot from it. 

David- that was fantastic. Our staff really appreciated the education on ZOOM. There is always so much to learn and I know everyone took away at least one thing new!!!