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Each week, David produces and participates in a number of shows to help you with Great TECH for your Great TORAH. Join David live or watch on demand at

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Torah Tech Tips​ is a series of videos highlighting some great TECH TIPS for your great TORAH. These are short videos (usually around 10-15 minutes) with real info to help you and your community.

In the past David has covered gear and app advice, best practices, the latest technologies, and more.

Torah Tech Tips is live on Facebook and YouTube on Tuesdays at 4:30pm Eastern. Visit to join in.

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The Torah Tech Guy's "How To" series focuses on how to get things done in digital space. We break down each task or challenge into manageable pieces and walk through exactly what steps to take. If you have a challenge you're facing, let me know so I can address it on "How To."

Visit to watch.

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Jewish learning, spirituality, and community has been available in the digital realm for many years. Now, it's front and center for Jewish leaders and institutions around the world. Along with the challenges that come with producing meaningful and powerful digital content and community, comes tremendous opportunity and potential.

Watch Rabbi David, the Torah Tech Guy, and some of the finest Jewish leaders and educators on "Unmute" a live broadcast dedicated to exploring the best practices and finest examples of engaging digital Torah. Watch Unmute at

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As leaders grapple with BIG questions about the future of Jewish community and Jewish life, Rabbi David, your Torah Tech Guy, brings together some of the finest minds and leading thinkers on what the future might look like and what we need to do to get there. We can't wait around and hope for the best - we must create our own future because the Future is Starting Now.

Visit to watch.

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Office Hours has become a global community of almost 4000 media and event professionals; We meet each day to learn from each other, work with each other, and forge a new path for their industries. We come from all walks of life and nearly every continent. The only thing common throughout the community is curiosity and passion for what we do. This curiosity and passion drive the conversation every single day.

Listen at first, ask questions when you are ready, and find ways to give back to the community with your effort or knowledge. It won’t all make sense at first. That’s OK. This is one of the only authentic communities on the internet. If you are interested in stepping up your event or media game, you’ve come to the right place. Office Hours is live on each morning at 10am Eastern. 


The Zoom Test Kitchen is a resource dedicated to Zoom Admins, Zoom Users, and Zoom Producers from around the world. Regularly scheduled Zoom meetings providing a, people populated test bed, for real-world results. Post questions, provide answers, and network with others. 

The Zoom Test Kitchen is live on Facebook and YouTube on Fridays at 3pm Eastern. Visit to join in.

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