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Ecamm Ready

Hi there. My name is David and I'm your Torah Tech Guy. My job is to help you out with great TECH for your great TORAH. Below are a few steps to help your upcoming broadcast go well for you and our audience. We use a program called Ecamm to broadcast/record our content. When it's time, please use the link below to join us using your web browser. We recommend using Chrome or the Brave browser..


Before logging on, please check out the quick video guide below (just 2 min.) so you can look and sound your best. If you'd like a more detailed guide, just scroll down a bit.

Here's a more in-depth guide to helping you sound and look your best online.

Please ensure that your computer is plugged into both power and an Ethernet connection. Wifi was not meant to send audio and video reliably. Please select a quiet and well-lit location with plenty of light in front of you and no light shining toward the lens of your camera for your appearance. Position your camera at eye level and ensure that there is no more than the width of your hand between the top of your head and the top of the camera shot. If you don’t have a camera on a stand you can just prop your computer up with a few books. You might want to put a “Look Here” post-it with an arrow pointing to the camera on your computer or webcam to remind you where to look when you’re talking.

Ecamm Interface 1.png

When you join us, you will be prompted to select your camera source (typically your webcam) and your audio source (external or internal microphone) from two grey dropdown menus. The top gray box is where you select your camera, and the gray box below is where you choose your microphone. If you are using a built in webcam and cannot choose it you'll need to grant permissions. Go to your computer's System Preferences and select Security & Privacy and then Screen Recording. Make sure your browser (example: Google Chrome) is checked. If not, check it and then try connecting again

It is very important to use bluetooth or wired earbuds or headphones to listen to the program. This will help avoid echoes and unpleasant audio feedback (please make sure they are fully charged so they don’t power down during the broadcast). If you have an external microphone (USB or one on your earbuds or headset) that’s great. If you don’t have an external microphone or one built into wired headphones, you can use the microphone on your phone or computer. Please do not use the microphone built into bluetooth earbuds. 

You will have to grant Chrome access to your camera and microphone in your system preferences if you haven't done so already. How to do this will vary based on your computer, but Chrome will guide you through how. Next, type in your name and click join.

Navigating Ecamm 2.png

If at any point you want to change your camera or microphone input, you can click on the gear in the lower right corner of your preview window.


The large box in the center of the screen is displaying what the audience sees. This is controlled by the producer and will change throughout the show. You do have the option to swap your camera preview and the audience preview by clicking the two arrows in the upper left of the smaller preview window.


There are 3 gray boxes to the right of the preview window. The first mutes your microphone, the second lets you share your screen, and the third hangs up the call.


Lastly, there is a small speech bubble on the right side of the browser window. If you wish to see the audience's comments, you can do so by clicking on this bubble, and the comments will appear.


  • Please activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature to keep other calls, texts and notifications from interrupting your interview. (Use the moon symbol on an iPhone and the circle with a line in it on Android.)

  • Choose whatever is stronger, a WiFi signal or your cellular data plan. If you have a weak WiFi signal, TURN OFF WiFi on your phone so it doesn’t automatically connect or try to connect to the weak WiFi instead of using mobile data during the broadcast 

  • Please do NOT hand-hold your device during the broadcast. Place it in the LANDSCAPE (wide) position on a stable surface or in a gimbal, tripod or other device. 

Do not disturb (1).jpg

Bonus Tip: Because your video's quality depends on your internet speed, it is helpful to test your upload and download speed before you join by visiting and clicking go. The minimum download we suggest is 50 mps, and the upload minimum is 5 mps. If your speeds are less than these, you can power down your router and power it up again. If you are still experiencing slower speeds, just be aware your video might be choppy or blurry at times.


If you get knocked off the broadcast because of technical issues, you may reconnect to the broadcast the same way you connected initially.


Please let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me here.


Please join the broadcast 10-15 minutes before the scheduled start time so we can troubleshoot any problems and answer any questions. When you're ready to join the broadcast just visit: or click below.

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