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There is something mystical and magical about the requirement for Jews to pray together in a minyan. While hitbodedut (personal reflection/introspection/prayer) is an important value in Judaism - praying in the midst of community is even greater such that a number of t'fillot (prayers) may only be said in the midst of community.

Now we find ourselves, again, in the strange position of not being able to gather, all of us together, in one physical sanctuary. But this doesn't mean that we should ignore the call to be physically with others when we pray. We just need to do it safely.

That's where PrayDates come in. As children we went on playdates. As young adults we found love on JDate (now you know how old I am). And for an eternal connection we make a PrayDate. 

Here's the idea - and this isn't new. Churches have been doing this for years. Instead of everyone gathering in one place, create small, safe, vaccinated groups of family and friends within your community - much like chavurot - to gather together, at home, and share your High Holy Day services together - online. This way we are still sharing the experience with others while staying safe by not gathering in large groups.

I discussed this idea in a video on and have placed it below. 

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