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I've been privileged to offer workshops, training, and support to hundreds of rabbis, cantors, Jewish educators, and Jewish communal leaders around the country.

These workshops can be tailored to your community or we can create a unique workshop to address your specific needs.

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Virtual Team Meeting

Become a Zoom Master so you can manage and facilitate your community's Zoom programs. We'll cover:

  • Settings

  • Security

  • Muting

  • Spotlighting

  • Screen Sharing

  • Annotation

  • Chat Moderation

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Cool Girl

In the Essential E's of Streaming we move beyond the gadgets to delve into what makes a digital experience powerful and impactful. You'll learn the secret sauce to the success of any broadcast or multicast.

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A Boy and His Tablet Device

With amazing educational sites, apps, and tools available online it isn't surprising that more and more people are finding great learning and inspiration outside of the traditional classroom. But these tools aren't only powerful when we're online - they can also enrich our learning when we're on site.

In this workshop we will explore the latest in educational technology and how to best use these tools both in and outside of the classroom.

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Digital social media

The Power and Potential of Digital Media

Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner teaches that, "the power of change is the greatest innovation, after the wonder of the creation of Heaven and Earth.” In this workshop we explore how we can become creators in this moment of change and how we can embrace the power and potential of digital media for sharing our Torah.

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Standing Camera

In this workshop, we focus on identifying the fundamental elements of a sacred gathering in digital space and learn about the tools, apps, and tech that will help us create and facilitate a meaningful and moving experience for all. 

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Ecamm Live is a powerful live broadcasting and video recording application. Creating scenes with multiple camera sources, text and graphic overlays, and videos allows for a rich streaming experience to all major platforms including YouTube, Facebook, and Zoom.

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Google apps is a powerful suite of tools that allows you to work smarter and more efficiently. By building collaboration directly into the apps, these tools allow teams to create together and produce better results.


In this workshop, we explore how to best use Google Apps to collaborate with others and get your work done right. 

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People In Church

As we transition back to on-site events and programming, the Roomers and Zoomers workshop helps us uncover the keys to leading successfully in a multi-access environment. This workshop focuses on identifying our goals and discovering the right tools for the job.

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Digital Design

Uncover the power of Canva and Keynote in this workshop designed for creators who want to design dynamic and creative content to share in live streams, slide decks, social media posts, and more. We will explore how to use these tools together to embrace and express your creativity.

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TV Screens

This three-session workshop combines much of the learning from other workshops into one comprehensive series. 

Session 1: The BIG Picture

How we share our Torah in a multi-access world requires a re-calibration of our goals, approaches, and expectations. In our first session we will explore what our goals might be and the different methods available to us in digital space to reach those goals. We will also explore the role of clergy in facilitating online experiences while balancing these responsibilities with those of serving our onsite participants. 


Session 2: Getting it Done: The Tech and the Tools

Once you understand your goals you can identify the right tech and tools to help you reach those goals. In this session, we will explore platforms, apps, and gear used to share your Torah with both your onsite and online participants.


Session 3: The Essential E's of Streaming

Knowing your goals and having the right tools are essential to your success in a multi-access environment. Knowing how to best facilitate these experiences will ensure your onsite and online participants feel engaged and inspired

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