There's lots of great gear out there to help you share your Torah with your community and the world. I've put together a few different kits for you below. Please note, all of these kits will require a computer connected to the internet. In each kit I suggest the m1 Mac Mini. As I learn and as more tools come out I will update and add to these kits.

  • The "Basics" kit uses webcams and wireless mics to send your stream out - nothing fancy.

  • The "Advanced" kit kicks it up a notch using multiple mirrorless cameras, a hardware video encoder, and audio interface.

  • The "Pro" kit introduces PTZ cameras, hardware video encoders and more.

All kits include some peripherals that help manage your stream easily so you can focus on your Torah.

If you are looking for software video production and streaming, I recommend Ecamm Live. Click here to learn more.