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What do leaders, educators, speakers, inspirers, and influencers all have in common?

Welcome to “MORE!”

Welcome to “Reach MORE Teach MORE” where I guide and support leaders, educators, speakers, inspirers, and influencers who feel overwhelmed and challenged by technology - to reach MORE people and teach MORE meaningful content in digital space.

We all have reasons why we haven't accomplished MORE. What’s holding you back?

  • I’m afraid of technology

  • I don’t have time

  • I can’t do this all alone

  • I’m not even sure I have something worth sharing

  • I don’t have a large enough audience

  • I don’t know where to start

  • It’s just too overwhelming

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You're not alone.


I've struggled with all of these too. It's taken years of research, practice and plenty of missed opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge that I have today and am ready and eager to share with you. 

What will I get with my membership?

When you become a member of "MORE", you'll join a community of practice where we discover the right tools and methods to allow us to reach MORE people and teach MORE meaningful content.


Our journey will begin with a one-on-one consultation during which I will guide you through the six steps on the "Path to MORE" helping you overcome your struggles and reach your goals. This work will begin right away and continue throughout your membership. ($360 value)

Six Steps to help youreach more people and teach more meaningful content in digital space
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Additionally, you'll also have access to timely and targeted trainings, information, tools and tips to help you Reach MORE and Teach MORE. You will receive:

  • Access to the Reach MORE Teach MORE private Facebook group for community, discussion, and real-time support. (Priceless, truly!)

  • Priority access to one-on-one tech support sessions with me (the Torah Tech Guy) ($350 value)

  • Priority and discounted access to Torah Tech Guy trainings and workshops ($450 value)

But wait...there's MORE!

That's a lot of value for less that $.50/day! But there's even MORE. I'll work with you to identify the tools, technologies and tricks that are right for YOU to reach MORE people and teach MORE meaningful content in digital space. I'll help you:

  • Level up your video and audio presence

  • Create eye-catching graphical elements and presentations

  • Discover the right tools and technologies for your specific needs

  • Develop strategies to engage and excite your learners

  • and MORE!

So what are you waiting for?

You can do MORE!
You can reach MORE people!
You can teach MORE meaningful content!
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When you join MORE, you'll instantly receive my detailed STREAMING HIERARCHY OF NEEDS (think Maslow but for streaming) for FREE!

This guide will walk you through the five most important considerations for reaching MORE people and teaching MORE great content via broadcasting or multicasting. Whether you are streaming out to YouTube or Facebook or joining a Zoom or Teams meeting- this guide will help you look and sound your best. 

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